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Nobodinoz is a brand based in Barcelona.

We believe that changing the world begins with childhood. We all love our children and want to give them the best. What is the best?

At Nobodinoz, we create products for them and also for the parents to enjoy the design, materials and colours. Applying values we believe in: creating an dproducing in Eurpe well thought products for all, safe for the environment, always sleecting the utmost best quality, and valuing our manufacturers know-how.

Making long-lasting products, you can transmit throught generations. This is our essence and our way to contribute together to a better life and future.

High quality and natural solid wood.
Our wood selection is from the hightes quality to meet the European standards. We offer a solid design line for our furniture, toys and accessories.

Textile expertise.
We produce in Spain our fabrics tob e Oeko-tex class 1. Each products has its specific fabric.

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